Calahonda is an upcoming summer destination located in Andalusia, Spain. It is a developing town between Marbella and Fuengirola and has been developed mainly as a tourist destination. It features expensive apartment blocks and timeshare facilities located along the coast and the hills.

About Calahonda: town population
The town is mostly composed of a non-Spanish population as it has become a popular vacation spot for English and Germans. Most of the area is composed of villas, townhouses, vacation homes and golf courses to provide its residents with every modern amenity possible. In Calahonda, you get to enjoy a luxurious summer getaway without sacrificing all the comforts of urban living.

How the Sitio de Calahonda was born
Developments in the town started in 1966 when small groups of people started seeing the potential of Calahonda as an urbanized tourist destination. The founder was believed to have been a certain Don Jose de Orbaneja who arrived in the town in 1963. He purchased a large estate which was a combination of two different properties. From there, a number of other estates followed until Sitio de Calahonda grew into the developed town that it is today.

Town amenities in Calahonda
At Sitio de Calahonda, you will find every facility that you will need to make your holiday worthwhile. It has a wide range of restaurants, cafeterias and bars as well as banks, grocers and various businesses that are vital for communities to thrive. As the town was developed mainly for tourism, the local government takes care to preserve the town’s natural beauty so tourists and locals can experience the best that the town has to offer in terms of natural attractions for the decades to come.

The town also has several golf courses and a number of pristine beaches that offer every type of water sport or activity conceivable. Its port on the Costa is a favorite among tourists as it is great for those who want to enjoy romantic dinners capped off by leisurely strolls along the sandy beach.

About Calahonda for migrants
If you’re going to stay in Calahonda for a long time, you need not worry because even when it is a tourist destination, you will find everything that you need within the town. It has three medical centers that offer round-the-clock healthcare assistance as well as a state funded hospital. Hospital Costa del Sol in Sitio de Calahonda features state-of-the-art medical facilities and is located just a few minutes from town.

For families looking to stay in town, there is a nursery school downtown as well as primary and secondary schools nearby. An international school is open along the coast, the English International School and is a good five to ten minute drive from the town center. Spanish schooling is also available through private Catholic schools for girls (Las Chapas) and for boys (Ecos), both of which are run by Grupo Atendis. State-funded schooling is located in La Cala de Mijas. The school offers free bus service for its students that live in Calahonda.